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Yamfit - diet tracker, meal planner, calorie counter. Calculate calories with our diet tracker to lose weight in a healthy way.

We have prepared it for you

What is your goal?

Lose weight
Lighter life with easy steps
Become a healthier you with Yamfit!
Feel better, eat better, sleep & train
Gain muscles
Energy food with muscles support
Prepared diets
We have healthy diets for different goals you might have: lose weight, gain mass or just healthy eating.
Easy to start
We have light onboarding process, so you can easily start working on your goal in few minutes after start.
Prepared plans
We have plans for different diet types and goals as well!
Helpful info
You can find macro and micro nutrients for each of elements in our app for free

Functions and information

Drink up
Healthy meal
Sizes matter
Helpful fats
Fast energy
We provide functions and useful information about your body and food what you eat in your meals. There is always time to learn more about yourself
Yamfit will help you to find out what diet is right for your long and high flight!